Thermal Coating

Thermal Coating Process

2013 was the second worst year for UK rainfall since records began. Scientists have also predicted that heavy rain and flooding will become the norm in years to come. What better way to protect the exterior of your home than get a professional thermal coating to help it weather the elements.

Adding value to your property

If you’re trying to sell your house in this difficult market it’s prudent to give your home every advantage. Refurbishing the house exterior ensures that prospective buyers get that all important great first impression.

Add an extra roof coat layer to your roof for that added protection against the inclement UK weather and add value to your house too!

Step 1 – Preparation

To enable the roof coating to be successful, like everything, preparation is the key. The roof cleaning is carried out prior to the sealer being applied. High pressure water jets are used to professionally clean the roof surface. This removes all the grime, algae, moss and discolouration that the average roof has garnered over the years. Once this has been completed you’ll notice a marked change in the roof’s appearance.

roof painting 1 Thermal Coating

Step 2

To assist preventing future moss and algae growth it’s vital to treat the roof surface with the correct fungicidal solution. This is applied to the roof surface to prevent future algae, lichen and moss growth.

roof painting 2 Thermal Coating

Step 3

The base coat is applied to seal the roof, then a further coat is applied to achieve a lovely finish. This ensures longevity and a quality finished roof surface. It’s important to get 100% coverage to ensure the roof is completely sealed.

roof painting 3 Thermal Coating

Step 4

Once the roof coatings have been applied it’s time for a thorough clean up. We price ourselves in the quality of our work but also the way we will leave your property. We clean up and leave you with a roof that looks like new. Your roof is guaranteed for 10 years!

 Thermal Coating